As known, Cappadocia has been selected the most exciting place for Balloon Flights in the world. We have good relations with some profossoinal companies who have the experienced pilots and fully flight insurance. The companies we recommend , the capasity of the baskets are up-to 12 people,to give enough place to enjoy the flight and to take maximum number of the pictures. It’s better to make the reservation through our hotel,since we will be responsible of the payment that,in case of any cancellation because of Rain or Wind ,we either modify the reservation for the next morning or will get the payment back. The balloon flights are operating only in the early morning at around sunrise,when the weather is perfect for balloon flight. The operation takes approximetely 2,5 hour (this time is different per flight tip). While the pilot is filling-up the balloon,the guests can have a small breakfast somethings like tea,coffee and some cookies while getting some special informations about the balloon flight. The flight will be minimum 60 min. Upon landing, there is celebration with a Champagne or with fruit juice with all the staffs and passengers.There is a “Flight Certificiate” for all the passengers.

Trekkings are the ideal option for being with nature, roaming around freely and enjoying the environment. Güvercinlik(dovecote) Valley and Esentepe Hill, which allow the visitors to enjoy the splendid natural scenery of the region. At Güvercinlik Valley, there are many irrigaiton tunnels dug by hand. The tunnels are wide and tall enough to allow walkers and horse riders to pass trough them, and on hot days theu act as natural air conditioners. Along the valley there are unusual giant rock formations in juxtaposition that look as tough they were sculpted by hand. In fact only the magic hand of nature gave them their present shape. Also you can walk amazing valley in Cappadocia called; Red Valley, Rose Valley, Love Valley, Swords Valley, Zemi Valley, Gomeda Valley, Ihlara Valley and take unforgatable photos. Duven; provides you this activities.

The land of beautiful horses can be best seen on the back of its legendary mounts, riding trough wild valles and ancient settlements. Horseback Safari is a group actvity that enables you to enjoy the harmony of the horse and rider with nature. Every group has experienced guide who knows the region thoroughly, and tours generally last 2-3 hours, but can lost whole day. Longuer tour, with tent or hotel accomandation, are also possible.

Derinkuyu and Kaymakli Subterranean Cities are high levels and the first level history of its earliest period. Kaymakli Subterranean City; During the Roman and Byzantine periods it was enlarged by digging new levels to from subterranean city and today its four levels are open to visitors. Derinkuyu Subterrranean city has eight levelsand it contrast to Kaymaklı, there is a mission school, a confessional, a baptismal pool and a well, which attracts quite alot of intrest from visitors.

Handcraft stuff also popular in Cappadocia. Kilim and Pottery take first place around theme. In Cappadocia, weaving, continuing since the Byzantine Period, is more common in Ürgüp and Avanos. In Avanos the line pattern Kilim also woven. Seljuk patterns are dominant in ancient carpets woven with root dyes. However at present the patterns from surroundings regions are also woven. The numerous carpet shops display and supply local carpets as well ascarpets from other regions. Here you can find almost any types of Turkish carpet. The history of pottery in Cappadocia goes back to Hittites. Pottery making first started in Anatolia during the Neolithic age at Çatalhöyük (Konya). The handcraft has been continued by the civilations of the region to date.